BUCKCHERRY's JOSH TODD: A Lot Of Rock Bands You Hear On Radio Sound Like 'A Computer Spitting Out Songs'

BUCKCHERRY's JOSH TODD: A Lot Of Rock Bands You Hear On Radio Sound Like 'A Computer Spitting Out Songs'

During a brand new interview with Dalton Castle of the Albany, New York rock radio station Q103, singer Josh Todd of California rockers BUCKCHERRY was asked how his band manages to faithfully reproduce its albums in a live environment. Josh responded: "The secret is we don't put a ton of Auto-Tuned vocals on our tracks like all these other… A lot of the rock bands you hear on the radio, it doesn't even sound like rock music anymore; it just sounds like a computer spitting out songs."

He continued: "There's some pop artists in the pop world that are doing it right — like Sam Smith and Bruno Mars; they're all playing and singing and they've got great bands and they're great vocalists, and they have a lot of space and groove in their songs.

"That's what we've always done; we've always just been a traditional rock band. We don't add stuff that doesn't need to be there and that isn't there live, so that when you see us live, usually it's a step up from the record, which is always cool. All these other bands that you are seeing live now, a lot of 'em are just running tracks and not even playing a lot of the stuff that you're hearing that's coming out of the PA.

"We've always prided ourselves on our live show and being a real live band and we like to associate with other bands that are really doing it live, and there's a few of 'em out there."

Todd added: "There are some bands out there — I won't name names — that have complete Pro Tools rigs set up underneath the stage. Everything is to track; it's insane. That's been going on a lot in the pop world for a lot of years, but there's a lot of stuff going on like that in the rock world now.

"For instance, when I watched the 'American Music Awards', there were some acts that were just lip-synching and just playing to tracks and then there were some acts that were live, and there was just a tremendous difference. And I just wish we could just get back to, you go see a live show and it's live; that's it. That's the beauty of going to see a live show — seeing the imperfections and also seeing songs played in a different way or approached differently. It's cool. That's what's special about going and seeing live music."

As previously reported, BUCKCHERRY has launched a line of adult products called Crazy Bitch Toys. The band has teamed up with Doc Johnson to introduce such items as a 7" vibrator, a 4" rocket vibrator, lube, a couples sex kit, butt plug and more. The first two signature products available from the Crazy Bitch Toys line are the "All Night Long Pleasure Cock" and "The Truth Tattoo Care Kit." Both are sure to enthrall fans and buyers alike. The items are available now for purchase at CrazyBitchToys.com.

The Truth Tattoo Care Kit is a revolutionary kit featuring Tattoo Balm, Gentle Tattoo Cleanser and Moisturizing Tattoo Lotion. Important aspects of care and protection were considered during the development of this kit. The Tattoo Balm is formulated with protective oils and Shea butter to be used right after having tattoo artwork completed. The Gentle Tattoo Cleanser will help keep fresh tattoos clean while healing. And the Moisturizing Tattoo Lotion is a clean, non-sticky formula to intensify colors and accentuate tattoo artwork.

BUCKCHERRY in August released a new EP, simply titled "Fuck", via the band's newly established F Bomb imprint. Each of the six songs on the disc has the F-word in the title, including "Somebody Fucked With Me", "I Don't Give A Fuck" and the first single, a cover of Icona Pop's hit "I Love It", re-imagined as "Say Fuck It".


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