DEATH RAY VISION: 'Break Every Chain' Lyric Video Available

The official lyric video for the 31-second song "Break Every Chain" from DEATH RAY VISION — the project featuring SHADOWS FALL frontman Brian Fair, KILLSWITCH ENGAGE bassist Mike D'Antonio and former OVERCAST/SEEMLESS guitarist Pete Cortese — can be seen below. The track comes off DEATH RAY VISION's debut album, "We Ain't Leavin' Till You're Bleedin'", which will be released on September 10 via Bullet Tooth. These veterans of the Boston metal scene play a raw brand of metallic hardcore that recaptures the energy of their old-school hardcore roots infused with all they have learned and experienced as musicians over the past decade. Produced by legendary hardcore guru Dean Baltulonis, who has helmed albums for SICK OF IT ALL, AGNOSTIC FRONT, MADBALL and MOST PRECIOUS BLOOD, these new songs are short blasts of energy and intensity built on thrash metal rhythms and chugging guitar riffs.

"It's a swift 30-minute kick to the nuts. No fucking around and right to the point," says Fair.

You say you like circle pits? You say you like punk and hardcore? You say you hate your parents? Well this is the band for you! Pissed off and abrasive, DEATH RAY VISION is dedicated to that old-school passion and aggression you still crave.

If you're a fan of CRO-MAGS, LEEWAY, SUICIDAL TENDENCIES or BAD BRAINS, then look no further. Without fail, DEATH RAY VISION delivers uppercuts straight to your gullet, then repeatedly peppers your forehead with sledgehammer fists. That's right, the beatings are swift and pummeling on this record, with two-minute anthems of ruckus chaos, party jams. The perfect soundtrack to set the city a blaze, or discreetly create a mosh pit in your bedroom.

"We Ain't Leavin' Till You're Bleedin'" track listing:

01. We Ain't Leavin' Till You're Bleedin'
02. Over My Dead Body
03. Barfly
04. Condemned When You Were Born
05. Fuck Compromise
06. Live Fast… Never Die
07. Break Every Chain
08. This Is Progress
09. Choke
10. Your Shallow Grave
11. False Prophet
12. A Forest (Of Kegs)

DEATH RAY VISION made its live debut on April 8, 2011 at the Vegas Lounge in Lunenburg, Massachusetts.

Regarding how the band came together, Fair said, "When Mike and I first met, we went to see LEEWAY and BREAKDOWN play in Boston. My love for raw, metallic hardcore began that day and the energy and insanity in that club is something that has stayed with me forever."

"We started the band to have fun, there is really no other reason to do DEATH RAY VISION," stated Mike. "Apparently we were having so much fun when we started writing for the first EP that we just kept writing and writing. All of a sudden, we had a crapload of tunes."

While gathering material for a full-length release, DEATH RAY VISION caught the attention of Bullet Tooth, a label that has a staff with very similar backgrounds and history in the heavy music scene as the band. Having a label that embraces the same DIY ethic as the band was a necessity. Joining forces with Bullet Tooth was the perfect way for DEATH RAY VISION to reach a wider audience without having to sacrifice the independent spirit of the band.

"Josh Grabelle and Bullet Tooth have the capacity to get our record out to more people then we can reach on our own," explained D'Antonio. "It also doesn't hurt that he is an old friend and is really excited about DEATH RAY VISION. What more could you want?"

Grabelle is as enthusiastic about the signing as the band is. He's known the members for years, having almost signed KILLSWITCH ENGAGE in 2000.

"I'm a huge fan of SHADOWS FALL, KILLSWITCH ENGAGE and OVERCAST," he said.

"I first met Brian Fair in 1995 at an OVERCAST show in Erie, Pennsylvania. I've been friends with Mike D for years as well. Mike D told me he had started a new band and I already knew it was gonna be awesome, and it was! I was honored they thought of me and Bullet Tooth and I know we will knock it out of the park together."

According to D'Antonio, the DEATH RAY VISION songs "are much easier to write than KILLSWITCH ENGAGE songs for me, and I can be a bit more old-school in my approach. This style comes very natural to me because I grew up on CRO-MAGS, AGNOSTIC FRONT, MADBALL, LEEWAY and BAD BRAINS. When I want to write, I throw these inspirations on and get to it."


Brian Fair - Vocals
Mike D'Antonio - Bass
Pete Cortese - Guitar
Zack Wells - Guitar
Colin Conway - Drums


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