Ex-ADLER'S APPETITE Singer: 'Rock 'N' Roll Isn't About Being Responsible'

"The Classic Metal Show" recently spoke with ex-ADLER'S APPETITE vocalist Sheldon Tarsha about the group's aborted European tour that found Steven Adler allegedly leaving the band stranded. A partial transcript of the conversation follows:

Sheldon Tarsha: We booked 50 shows in Europe, going back to Brazil with dates on the Rock In Rio festival. It was just an enormous tour. Right at the beginning of it, in Germany, Steven… his priorities shifted and shit hit the fan. And poof, the whole band minus Steven Adler is stranded in Germany in the snow! I don't know exactly what to call it, but it was like a rock 'n' roll nightmare. At the same time, it was kind of cool. It was like, "We're stranded in Germany. It's snowing balls out, and we're on the train." The next thing we knew we were in Amsterdam in some pub getting shitfaced drunk, and that's basically how it kind of wrapped up. In Europe, Adler went A.W.O.L. I flew back a couple days later, and I just got started on a new record because I new that was what I had to do next.

The Classic Metal Show: Dude, how do you come back to the States and not just find him and whip his ass for stranding you in a foreign country?

Sheldon Tarsha: Well dude… Steven, he…He doesn't mean any harm by this. Blabbermouth plastered this last year all over their website, but I said that Steven is actually a good-natured guy, and he is. He just does some childish, outlandish shit and people just get really pissed off. They are like, "God, that's so irresponsible. How can he do that to me?" But who the fuck is anybody? Steven Adler is rock n' roll. Rock 'n' roll isn't about being responsible. Rock 'n' roll isn't about being predictable or doing what everyone expects you to do. That's how Steven is. People come around and are like, "Dude, I love rock. Rock forever!" Then Steven Adler is rock 'n' roll and acts rock 'n' roll, and people are like, "Why did he do that to me." It's like, "Dude, that's what rockers do." You can't fucking put a leash on them or put them in a cage. They just go fucking crazy. They do what they want to do when they want to do it, and I have to respect him for that.

The Classic Metal Show: If he wasn't Steven Adler from GUNS N' ROSES, do you think you would cut him such a break?

Sheldon Tarsha: But he is! If he wasn't (Steven Adler), I probably would have never been in a band with him to begin with. If he was in a band with me, and he wasn't famous…first of all, I don't think I'd be playing with someone that is 15 years older than me. That was like the first weird thing. The guy is a fucking rock legend! What the hell is he doing playing with me! As people get older and more experienced, their priorities change. Me, I'm this young, fresh, ready-to-go-to-the-top-of-the-mountain guy, and that's me, dude. I'm ready to put my mark on the world and dominate the planet. He's already done that. All he wants to do is bang chicks in limos doing laps around the airport. And he was doing that, by the way. It was like, "Where's Steven." And he disappeared and was banging some chick in the bathroom or in the airport lobby. He has different priorities. He's made his money. He's done his deal. Just to get that guy on stage is an honor and a miracle all by itself.

To hear the conversation in its entirety, go to this location.


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