EYEHATEGOD Singer Talks About New Projects

According to a posting on the Southern Lord Records web site, the EYEHATEGOD/CRIPPLE BASTARD split 7" single will be re-pressed. A total of 555 copies on green vinyl and 555 copies on purple vinyl will be made.

In other EYEHATEGOD-related news, the band's singer Michael D. Williams was interviewed by Con.Sect (Connected Sections) about everything from underground music and EYEHATEGOD history to his new projects, OUTLAW ORDER and 00%, his philosophy, and his upcoming manifesto, "Cancer as a Social Activity". Several excerpts from the interview follow"

Con.Sect: You have a new band now, called OUTLAW ORDER. Tell me all about that.

Michael D. Williams: "Well, the sound originally was a more MOTÖRHEAD/POISON IDEA (two of the Lord's most blessed outfits) mix, and it was me and Gary from HAWG JAW, as we searched and went through a bunch of members, it came full circle to Brian (SOILENT GREEN) and Joey (EYEHATEGOD) and we melded into this sound we have now, which is southern doom with more a hardcore leaning. It's got new fast crunchy down tuning as well as some slower bashing and the real newer stuff has some odd time changes that differs completely from EYEHATEGOD, so it's a mix of that. The lyrics are all crime-based as well as the group concept. Crime on every level. There's a never-ending supply of subjects in this category.

"OUTLAW ORDER is obviously an extension of EYEHATEGOD, but it does have major differences, the real Heads will love it, and will recognize the nuances and the extremities. And so far they have. On the other hand, I've heard people blindly going, 'Man ya'll sound EXACTLY like EYEHATEGOD.' Which is a fuckin' lazy thing to say. Those are the people who don't pay fuckin’ attention at all.

"For us it's always been about 'The Riff' and 00% has our recognizable stamp, but we are faster, as I said before, and a lot more hardcore in the overall delivery. It's fuckin ready to kill now... Complete raw hatred.

"I still want to start a more punk rock outfit, older school style with NO slow 'sludge' parts, or whatever people call it."

Con.Sect: You also have a book of writing coming out, also...

Michael D. Williams: "The book is called 'Cancer as a Social Activity' and should be out by the end of 2004 and it's a collection of writings/lyrics from over the years. I'm also almost already finished w/ my second one.

"Being a first book and all, this one took me a while to put together everything, but I think the next one will come together much more smoothly. I can't wait for people to see this one. I hope to tour for it as well; I'd like to have a noise, spoken-word tour with power electronic bands and writers. Anybody interested, contact me. Maybe we could set something up."

Con.Sect: In 1996, when I saw you guys with NEUROSIS in Boston, I thought the show was great, but you also looked like you were going to die soon (sorry for being so blunt, but I have to be honest). I thought EYEHATEGOD was over for good. Now here we are in 2004, and you seem to be coming back stronger than ever. You have all of these projects going on, etc. I'm happy for you, and I hope that things keep getting better for you - what do you attribute to this seemingly sudden personal renaissance?

Michael D. Williams: "That's fine, be as honest as you can.

"I guess it seems like a 'sudden personal renaissance' because of limited public knowledge, it's not like overnight things went from bad to good or something. But yeah, I have felt like I was going to die a few times. More accurately I was told that I would if I didn't take hold of my fuckin' excesses. EYEHATEGOD took an extended break in 1998-99 because of such problems.

"I do remember (amazingly) that night in Boston. I helped polished off two bottles of nasty-ass Goldschlager (among some other stuff) So I'm sure I looked like death warmed over. But that was a common occurrence in those days. I've cultivated a death wish from way-the-fuck-back as long as I can recall, and as much as I love living this life, I've not always cared what happened to me. But now... Now I can say I have a somewhat better attitude towards the future. Getting arrested again and again has obviously played a part in my positive decisions to get wiser. Every day I decide I do want to hang out a while longer. There's so much to experience and learn. Clichéd as it may be: 'What doesn't kill you makes you stronger'...that's what they say... So I am doing better now.

"As far as EYEHATEGOD and 00%, or whatever project I'm involved in, be it writing or power electronics, it seems to be like a bacteria. It ain't never gonna cease. I'll always do what it takes to keep creative in some form. I've got tons of things coming down the pike. So let's drink to me keeping my shit together! I ain't gonna speak for the rest of the kids about details, but here’s hoping they stay outta trouble as well."

Read the rest of the interview at this location.

(Thanks: StonerRock.com)


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