Former VIO-LENCE Guitarist Explains Decision To Join MACHINE HEAD

Former VIO-LENCE/TECHNOCRACY guitarist Phil Demmel has issued a statement addressing his recent decision to join MACHINE HEAD as a replacement for Ahrue Luster. As previously reported, Luster had amicably left the group last May due to "creative differences."

Demmel's statement reads as follows:

"To all my friends who care to know..........

"I'm a firm believer that things, good or bad, happen for a reason.

"I can't control what has happened the past year or so, only deal with it the best way I can.

"Ever since my 4th grade talent show, when I performed the song 'Convoy' behind a cardboard 18-wheeler, I've known what I wanted to do.

"Going from tennis racket guitars and putting on my own KISS concerts in the backyard, and my first original band ON PAROLE (with [later EXODUS singer] Zet [a.k.a. Steve Souza]), to signing a deal with Mechanic/MCA and recording my first album @ 21.Touring with my bros, losing drums off the roof of the van, wiping boogers on the ceiling, meeting the coolest people and tearing shit up with one of the best live bands on earth, I've known what I was born to do.

"So that being said.............

"It's simply time for me step away from the band [VIO-LENCE] that has been my baby for the past 18 years.

"There's nothing I would love more than to be able to make VIO into a functioning, working band. But damn it, everyone went and grew up.

"Sean, Troy, Perry and Deen, thank you all for understanding and giving me your blessing. It's been my pleasure these past 2 years reinventing what we've had. No one person is VIO-LENCE. I wish you all the best.

"I am fulfilling my commitment to all of you, to write and record the new album. We'll be playing 2 new songs @ the [April 19] show, which will be my final show with the band.

"The band has informed me that they will be on hiatus after the recording, but might be up for playing if the right show comes along.

"Finally, I fully appreciate all the kind words I've received from everyone. I've been truly blessed with a lot of supporting friends, which all of you are."

In other news, the remaining members of TECHNOCRACY have announced the group's break-up only a few months after inking a deal with Belgium's long-running Mausoleum Records.

"Some of you might be thinking that the reason behind this decision is Phil joining MACHINE HEAD," bassist Chris Addison wrote on the band's official web site, "Well, it's not. Phil promised us that as long as TECHNOCRACY was an active band, it would be his priority. He kept that promise, and not once did he ever lead us to think otherwise.

"The fact of the matter is that we burnt out long before Phil ever made that choice. We worked our asses off these past few years. When you work that long and hard at something so passionately with minimal results, it can really beat you down. Just when we were starting to break through, the economy took a shit, and we suffered. We're not alone either. Look around.

"But I'm not gonna sit around here and bitch. You know why? We had a fucking BLAST, and everything we went through was worth more than I could ever possibly describe. You guys have absolutely no idea how honored I am to say that I was a part of TECHNOCRACY, and I know that I can speak for the rest of the band and they would say the same. Every single show we played, we played it like it was our last. And at every single one, there were several of the same faces out there, kicking ass with us.

"We wanted to thank you. It is to you… family, friends, and the press…those who went to the shows, bought or burned our CD, spread the word, wrote good reviews, and supported us… It is you that we owe everything to. And if it wasn't for you, I would not be writing this. Thank you, thank you, thank you soooooooooooo much for everything. You have all treated us so well.

"As for us individually, we will continue on. Phil is now going to rip the shit out of MACHINE HEAD fans world-wide, and I will be one of them. Shack has two kick-ass little boys he's raising and I can verify that he is the coolest Viking looking Soccer Dad I have ever seen. Mark has the cutest little girl ever and a beautiful wife, along with some other projects to keep his chops up. Steve will continue to sit in his scary little electronics room, and come up with the baddest digital shit you've ever heard. Chris Hanson will continue to make his mark as one of the sickest producer engineers ever. As for me… well, I am moving to Chicago. Get ready Chicago peeps… expect to see me turn up in something, waiting to kick your asses once again."


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