NAPALM DEATH: 'Noise For Music's Sake' Track Listing Unveiled

Earache Records, in collaboration with NAPALM DEATH, have finalized the track listing for "Noise For Music's Sake", the forthcoming 2-CD NAPALM DEATH package, due to hit stores in June in the UK/Europe (July in the U.S.). Disc One features all of NAPALM DEATH's greatest "hits", from early classics "Scum" and "Suffer The Children", to later crushers "Diatribes" and "Breed To Breathe". Disc Two features a massive collection of bonus tracks, demos, live recordings, and other rare and unreleased material from throughout the band's career. Highlights include a live cover of GODFLESH's "Avalanche Master Song", two unreleased mixes of tracks from "Fear, Emptiness...Despair", rare tracks from the "Pathological" and "North Atlantic Noise Attack" compilations, and three live tracks dating back to the mid-80's, handpicked by NAPALM DEATH bassist Shane Embury from his own personal collection — one having been recorded on a hand-held recorder by Embury himself in '86 before he was in the band!

The complete track listing for "Noise For Music's Sake" is as follows:

Disc One:

01. The Kill
02. Scum
03. You Suffer
04. Deceiver
05. Hung
06. Antibody
07. Unchallenged Hate
08. Siege of Power
09. Greed Killing
10. Suffer the Children
11. Mass Appeal Madness
12. Next of Kin to Chaos
13. Judicial Slime
14. Lucid Fairytale
15. If the Truth Be Known
16. Plague Rages
17. Social Sterility
18. From Enslavement to Obliteration
19. Low Point
20. Contemptuous
21. Diatribes
22. Chains That Bind Us
23. Armageddon x 7
24. Breed to Breathe
25. World Keeps Turning
(Alternate Version)
26. The Infiltrator
27. Nazi Punks Fuck Off

Total Running Time: 75:46 (approx.)

Disc Two:

1) Rise Above
("Mentally Murdered" EP)
2) Missing Link/ Mentally Murdered
("Mentally Murdered" EP)
3) Walls of Confinement
("Mentally Murdered" EP)
4) Cause and Effect/No Mental Effort
("Mentally Murdered" EP)
5) Pride Assassin
("Mass Appeal Madness" EP)
6) Avalanche Master Song - Live at ICA
(bonus "Harmony Corruption" live disc, GODFLESH cover)
7) One and the Same
(bonus "Utopia Banished" track)
8) Sick and Tired
(bonus "Utopia Banished" track)
9) Malignant Trait
(bonus "Utopia Banished" track)
10) Killing with Kindness
(bonus "Utopia Banished" track)
11) Means to an End
("World Keeps Turning" EP)
12) Insanity Excursion
("World Keeps Turning" EP)
13) Truth Drug
(bonus track on "Fear Emptiness...Despair")
14) Living in Denial
(bonus track on "Fear Emptiness...Despair")
15) Food Chains
("In Tongues We Speak" EP - split w/ COALESCE)
16) Upwards and Uninterested
17) I Abstain
18) Politics of Common Sense
(limited "Cursed to Tour" CD - split w/ AT THE GATES)
19) Internal Animosity
("Pathological" comp)
20) Scum
("North Atlantic Noise Attack" comp)
21) Life
("North Atlantic Noise Attack" comp)
22) Retreat to Nowhere
("North Atlantic Noise Attack" comp)
23) Remain Nameless
(Pete Coleman mix) - Unreleased
24) Twist the Knife (Slowly)
(Pete Coleman mix) - Unreleased
25) Deceiver - with Swanky's intro
(live in Wacken, Belgium, 7/11/87, with Mitch Dickinson of UNSEEN TERROR on guitar) - Unreleased
26) The Traitor
(live at The Mermaid, Birmingham, UK, 1/11/86 - recorded by Shane Embury) - Unreleased
27) Abattoir
(live at The Mermaid, Birmingham, UK, 30/3/86) - Unreleased

Total Running Time: 76:58 (approx.)

Each disc clocks in at over 75 minutes of music. Also look for exclusive interviews from both Embury and NAPALM DEATH vocal assassin Mark "Barney" Greenway in the liner notes. Fully endorsed by the band, "Noise For Music's Sake" will stand as the definitive NAPALM DEATH bible for years to come.


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