QUEENSRŸCHE Bassist On Final Years With GEOFF TATE: 'It Was A Struggle Trying To Contribute And Have A Voice'

QUEENSRŸCHE Bassist On Final Years With GEOFF TATE: 'It Was A Struggle Trying To Contribute And Have A Voice'

QUEENSRŸCHE bassist Eddie Jackson recently appeared on the "Rock Of Nations With David Kinchen" podcast. The full conversation can be streamed below (interview starts at the 8:45 mark). A few excerpts follow (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET).

On the group's latest album, "The Verdict":

Eddie: "The reception has been very positive. A lot of fans have been posting great, positive reviews, along with journalists and whatnot. That's a good sign. We're pretty excited and very grateful for that."

On the three-year gap between the release of "The Verdict" and its predecessor, "Condition Hüman":

Eddie: "We have our own little portable recording studios that we take on tour. We're all constantly writing. It was three years since the release of 'Condition Hüman', which is quite a long time. For whatever reason, it took three years for this new album to be released. It is what it is. We'll have our little recording studios with us on tour, writing whenever possible when we're at home, but we were also touring at the same time. Maybe that's why it took a little bit longer to put together and then finally release it."

On whether it now feels "natural" to work with vocalist Todd La Torre:

Eddie: "You might say that. Obviously, the self-titled album, that was his first album that he recorded with us. That went great for all of us. That was a very fun time for us, and then followed up by 'Condition Hüman', that also was one of those moments where you start to feel the chemistry building and seguing into this new album 'The Verdict', things are starting to really click into gear with everybody with their writing, with their contributions and all."

On the difference in how the band operates today as compared to the years when Geoff Tate fronted the group:

Eddie: "Compared to where we were at eight years ago, and before that, it was a bit of a struggle trying to contribute and basically have a voice, but now, everybody with this new lineup, we all seem to work well together. I think it's very important. We've been a band for quite a long time, but to see this today and be able to work with the new lineup, it's amazing, and we're having a lot of fun."

On his involvement in La Torre's recording of the drum tracks on "The Verdict":

Eddie: "He started drumming 25 years ago, so that's his first and foremost instrument that he's ever been a part of to my knowledge. This is before he even started singing. Things gelled quite quickly. Me being the bass player, part of the rhythm section, the communication was there. He's a very talented individual, and when we were crafting these songs in pre-production, everything just fell into place. We had a great time working together as a band and crafting all these songs, preparing them for the studio."

On whether he considers the album's direction to be similar to classic QUEENSRŸCHE releases such as "Rage For Order":

Eddie: "Perhaps. We just basically do what we do. Being able to find a singer that certainly has the style of our former singer basically sort of kind of keeps that style that QUEENSRŸCHE is known for."

On whether the vibe among the band now recalls the group's early years:

Eddie: "Absolutely. For myself, I still get those little butterflies before we hit the stage even 35-plus years later. I think if those butterflies were to go away, maybe that's time to take off my shoes, but right now, I still enjoy what I do and have a strong passion for it, as [do] the other guys in the band."

On longtime drummer Scott Rockenfield, who has yet to return to the group after taking an extended paternity leave:

Eddie: "It's a bit of an unknown right now. We haven't really had much communication, but every once in a while, there might be an email exchange here and there. For the most part, he's just doing his thing, and we as a business have to continue moving forward, which is what we're doing. That's about all I can tell you."

"The Verdict" was released on March 1 via Century Media Records. The disc was produced, mixed, and mastered by Chris "Zeuss" Harris (ROB ZOMBIE, ICED EARTH, HATEBREED) at Uberbeatz in Lynwood, Washington; Planet-Z in Wilbraham, Massachusetts; and Watershed Studio in Seattle, Washington.


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