SEBASTIAN BACH Says He Has Spoken To SLASH About Collaborating On New Music

Sebastian Bach and his bandmates, guitarists "Metal" Mike Chlasciak and Johnny Chromatic, were at the offices of the Norwegian news web site (a culture/entertainment sub-site of, Norway's second biggest newspaper) earlier today answering a number of questions submitted by the web site's readers. A couple of excerpts from the lengthy question-and-answer session follow.

Q: I've seen you wearing a SLAYER shirt, hanging with METALLICA and I understand you were pretty tight with the PANTERA guys. Have you ever considered doing anything more thrash metal-related?

Bach: I consider "Negative Light" off the new record my thrashiest song to date, written with Metal Mike and Steve DiGiorgio. I am writting songs with Jamey Jasta from HATEBREED, so look out for even heavier music in the future.

Q: Did the incident in Springfield December 1989 affect you as a person? Would you do the same thing today with jumping into the crowd and beat the shit out of a person who throws something at you?

Bach: Yes, it affected me as a person. I would never do something like that again. I would just leave the stage.

Q: What do you think of the current incarnation of SKID ROW, and specifically your replacement, Johnny Solinger? Do you keep in touch with any of your old mates in the band? With the current wave of metal reunions (PRIEST, MAIDEN, CRE, POISON etc) there must surely just be a matter of time before the original SKID ROW lineup goes back on tour or what!? There's gotta be TONS of money to earn out there...

Bach: What do I think of the current incarnation of SKID ROW? I don't. Absolutely zero plans on reuniting. I think if you listen to "Angel Down" [Bach's new solo album] and their current music, you will realize that we have grown in different directions musically. I do not make music for money.

Q: Can you still get into the leather pants? I've broadened out quite a bit myself since them heydays, so believe me I'll understand if you can't.

I've been wondering this for a few years: your father's painting on the "Slave to the Grind" cover has been a favorite of mine for many years, I remember being quite struck by it when I first procured the tape back in '91 at the tender age of nine or ten. Do you have any idea if it is possible to pick up a print of that painting anywhere? I remember seeing a gigantic version on your living room wall (or some such) in some MTV interview years ago, though I'm imagining that would've probably been the original.

Bach: Yes [I can still get into the leather pants], every night. But, I have to go running like a crazy man for at least two months before I try to put them on. But running and exercise and drinking tons of water really seems to work. Beer doesn't!!! Damn!

I am very glad you love the "Slave" cover yes, the original hangs on my wall. We have talked about releasing high-quality lithographs of the piece with my dad's estate. Hopefully this will happen in the future.

Q: How was it touring with PANTERA in the '90s?? were they as crazy as they seemed to be?

Bach: We brought PANTERA on tour in American arenas when they had "Cowboys From Hell" out. They released "Vulgar Display Of Power" in the middle of our tour it was incredible to watch them explode before our very eyes. The toughest act to follow ever!

Q: Do you think Axl could be so stubborn that he won't release "Chinese Democracy" just because his is Axl? And since you probably have heard some/most of the new stuff, could it be compaired to "Use Your Illusion" in specter of diverse type songs?? And what is your favorite GN'R song of all time?

Bach: I don't think Axl is the person that is holding up the release... The music has been done for a long time and it's incredible, epic. He has over four albums of material finished... It's in the hands of the businessmen now. Favorite GN'R song of all time... Maybe "Civil War", "Rocket Queen", "My Michelle".

Q: I wanna get a straight answer directly from you about the whole thing with VELVET REVOLVER and you..I am tired of all the internet rumors about the whole thing. Have they contacted you lately?

Bach: I have talked to Slash recently about collaborating on music, but not VELVET REVOLVER. I cannot say what the details are, but Axl Rose has helped me and this band more then anyone eklse in the music industry. It would be very akward to sing in VELVET REVOLVER being such close friends with Axl. More importantly, I like "Angel Down" more than VELVET REVOLVER music.

Read the entire question-and-answer session at (scroll down).

Watch a short interview with Sebastian Bach conducted earlier today (June 3) by Pl Nordseth of below.


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