STEVEN ADLER Discusses ROCKLAHOMA, Rumored Upcoming Jam With SLASH And IZZY

Former GUNS N' ROSES drummer Steven Adler's MySpace page has been updated with the following interview with Adler:

Q: So what's been goin' on, Steven?

Steven: Well, Rocklahoma was awesome! I played there that Thursday night and that Saturday afternoon, for like eight songs all together. It was cool playing for people who really appreciate rock 'n' roll! I got a lot a lot of love and I appreciate everybody being so great. It was great to see all those guys; from BULLETBOYS, SLAUGHTER… The drummer from FIREHOUSE is insane, like Neil Peart, dude! Unbelievable! Tracii, Chip Z'Nuff, Michael Thomas, the guys from BANG TANGO, Joe Leste, I played with them — it was great! I was supposed to play a song with Chip, played 'New Thing' and I was supposed to play 'Revolution' by THE BEATLES with them. I went up there, the crowd saw me, then all the roadies start taking all the shit off the stage (laughs). I was like, "What the fuck?", and they said VINCE NEIL didn't want to go on late. I said, "It's a three-minute song!"

Q: What songs did you play?

Steven: "Welcome to the Jungle", "Brownstone", "It's So Easy", "Heaven's Door", "Sweet Child O' Mine", stuff like that…

Q: How did it go getting Michael Thomas back in the band?

Steven: Really good. He's been great. I know what I did in Europe was the biggest mistake I ever made. I couldn't be sorrier. I owe those guys. They were there for me. But we're back, we feel great, and we're gonna kick some ass!

Q: So he's gonna do the [ADLER'S APPETITE] tour with you?

Steven: Yeah! And I got Kris [Kristy Majors] from Artists Worldwide [and PRETTY BOY FLOYD] playing rhythm guitar. Sheldon [Tarsha, vocals] is recording a new album and setting up his own tour, so he had to decline, and I wish him the best!

Q: There's rumors that there's gonna be special guests at the show [at the Key Club in West Hollywood on July 28 to celebrate the 20th anniversary of GUNS N' ROSES' seminal debut album, "Appetite for Destruction"]…

Steven: Yeah! I'm pretty damn sure Slash and Izzy [Stradlin], they already said they were comin'. Ronnie's [Ronnie Schneider, Steven's tech during the GN'R days] gonna try and talk to Axl [Rose] about goin'…

Q: What about Duff [McKagan]?

Steven: Well, he's workin' with Slash, and he's in town… nothing's confirmed. I hope he'll be there.

Q: Sounds great!

Steven: Yeah, things are comin' together, just getting' ready for the 28th! There's Michael Thomas, Chip, and I got Ronnie Schneider back with me takin' care of the drums. Then the 31st we leave for Argentina. Then it's off to South America, Brazil, and Europe hopefully in September. Just hope to see all the great rock 'n' roll people!


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